December 2020

Economic growth should rebound in 2021 thanks to a red-hot housing market and strength in the financial positioning of households, which are in much better shape than they were after the last recession. Read more

November 2020

November closed on a sour note as investors took profits from stocks last Monday. Read more

October 2020

While macrocast™ measures the attractiveness of risk assets by looking at the VITALS, microcast™ measures the short-term risk and volatility of the market by looking at TUMS – Trend, Underlying Breadth, Momentum, and Sentiment. Read more

September 2020

Whenever a major election nears, concerns grow among investors about what the results could mean for the economy and stock market. Read more

August 2020

Every August, we “Chart the Course” by looking at key charts illustrating important trends in the economy and markets. Read more

July 2020

Improvement in the economic indicators is the primary driver pushing macrocast™ back into positive territory.  Read more

June 2020

After grinding to a halt in March and April, economic indicators rebounded in May. Read more

May 2020

We are getting more economic data from the COVID-19 fallout, and it is as lousy as expected.  Read more

April 2020

Risk assets have seen a strong rebound to start the second quarter, but one historical study suggests that the rebound has come too far, too fast. Read more

March 2020

A complete change in the outlook in less than a month. Read more

February 2020

The market’s resilience in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak may come as a surprise to many.  Read more

January 2020

The positive macrocast™ score is being driven by strength in the Aggregate Economy indicators. The negatives are almost exclusively in the Valuation category.  Read more